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*I love life and surrounding myself with positive happy people.  I don't like being around crabby people.  I like to joke and tease so if you don’t have a sense of humor you probably won’t get me.

*I like to think I am cool but my kids tell me different.  Ahhh...what do they know!

*I love country, pop and old time Rock n Roll music.  

*I recently lost 44 pounds so when I am not working my photography business I am helping others learn more about a keto lifestyle and exogenous ketones.  

*I love “Love Stories”.  The Notebook is one of my favorites!  I like shows like "This is us” and "The Voice".  I love SNL although I think the older ones were funnier.  Love it when Will Ferrell and Justin Timberlake are on there.  Thank goodenss for Hulu because the only time I get caught up on my shows is when I am editing late at night.

*I am obsessed with photography and learning new tricks.  

*I went to DCTC for photography and opened a studio in 2000.  Over the years I have belonged to Professional Photographers of America and the Twin Cities Professional Photographers Association.  I continue to improve my craft by attending seminars where I learn the latest in lighting and Photoshop editing.

*I shoot with a Sony a7rIII and a Canon Mark III.  I the have top of the line lenses and lighting equipment.  But more importantly I know how to use them!  I know how to control light and know all the latest editing tricks in Photoshop.  So what does this mean to you?  Simple...I will  make you look amazing!


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