Monthly Archives: July 2008

Miss Ella

I am working on cute little Miss Ella’s pictures. Have to share a few of my favorites! I don’t care what daddy thinks, I think she is adorable in this little dress. She was having so much fun!

Hot Tots & Cool Kids Contest Winner

First Place Winner! I would like to congratulate Layla Haynie for taking first place in the 6-8 year old category. Layla will be receiving a $250.00 savings bond. Here is the link to view all of the winners. There were 1600 entries and 99 studios that participated in this national contest. It was very… Read more »

Makayli & Tait

Had to share some of my favorites from Makayli & Tait’s session. Tait wasn’t so sure about having his picture taken until he seen his big sister having so much fun. It was so cute, he had to go out there and try the same poses I was having his sister do. They are both… Read more »

The perfect model!

I had so much fun taking pictures of this little cutie. What a perfect little model! She made my job way to easy. What a gorgous Mama! I think they both could be models.

We have a new addition!

I’d like to welcome our new addition to our family. We just got him yesterday and I was already making him into a puppy model. He is the cutest little thing ever. Now we just need to pick a name. Any suggestions? Who says wrinkles aren’t cute?

Happy 4th of July!

What a wonderful turnout for the July 3rd celebration in Lonsdale. It was so wonderful meeting so many families and seeing old friends. My daughter Larissa and I had a blast handing out frisbees, candy and stickers to all of the little (& big) kids! On July 4th my nephew drove his old truck in… Read more »

70th Wedding Anniversary!

We recently went up to Northern Minnesota to celebrate my Grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. WOW, I hope Lloyd and I make it that long! They are both so amazing and what a cute couple. I hope I am as cute as my Grandma at her age. We had such a fun time with all the… Read more »

Tim Rud for State Rep!

I had the pleasure of taking Tim & Debbie Rud’s family portraits recently. What a nice family.Tim is currently the Mayor of Lonsdale and is running for State Representative.Hopefully I didn’t give Tim too hard of a time about smiling if he wants to get elected! What a cute couple!

Mr. G man

Just finished little Gavin’s pictures. You would never guess he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia the evening of his pictures. Poor little guy! We managed to get some pretty cute pictures despite it all. Can’t forget the big sisters!


Just got back from vacation and couldn’t wait to start working on this little peanuts pictures.Look at that head of hair. She is so sweet! And what a beautiful name. I love to try some of my creative ideas at the end if the little ones last that long. I’ve been dying to try this… Read more »