Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies

Well I am in the middle of bunny mania at the studio. Besides taking pictures all day at the Lonsdale Showcase I have been offering bunny portraits all month at the studio. If you still are interested in bunny portraits I will offer them up through Easter. If you need portraits back before Easter you… Read more »

Keara is 6 months

Wow, I can’t believe Keara is 6 months already. She is on our baby plan and it seems like I just took her 3 month pictures. She is so cute. It is crazy how much she looks like her daddy. I don’t think I have ever seen a child resemble their parent as much as… Read more »

Little Miss Hollis

I couldn’t wait to work on these pictures of sweet little Hollis. Her mommy is the dance line coach so we had to do some pictures in my little tutu. She even had her own little dance shoes. Isn’t she absolutely adorable! I think these ones are so cute! She was tired of sitting in… Read more »

More of Jackson

Just finished up Jackson’s pictures and had to add a few more of my favorites. I could seriously take pictures of this little boy everyday. He is so cute. He looks like a baby gap model! I just want to kiss those little cheeks!

What a crazy week!

Wow, what a week. I had a hard drive on my computer crash and burn. Thank goodness it was still under warranty so they will replace it for free. And thank goodness for back-ups so I didn’t loose any important files. It did put me a few days behind schedule though. I had an exciting… Read more »


Oh my gosh, I had so much fun taking Sam’s pictures. He is such a sweet little guy. During his session he kept telling his mom that he loved her and kept telling me he liked me. It just melted my heart. I just love taking pictures for this family. They have two of the… Read more »

Bunny Portraits are coming!

For those of you that are patiently waiting on your bunny portraits, they are coming. I have one more model session to complete then I will be working on the LSC bunny portraits again. Sorry to make you wait so long but we had a deadline for the National Model Search so I had to… Read more »


Gavin was in for the National Model Search Contest. Here is another little boy that just amazed me for his age. I couldn’t believe how well he listened and followed directions. He is definitely model material and very photogenic. I loved Gavin’s blue eyes! Yes, I got a little carried away taking pictures of Gavin…. Read more »

Mr. Curls

I was so impressed by this little guy. For being three he did really well. Sure he had a lot of energy at times but that’s perfectly normal for a three year old. I love this picture! I think his curls are as tight as my granddaughters. This composite is so much fun. I think… Read more »

Little Lil

Ok so I couldn’t go to bed without sharing this adorable picture of my granddaughter first. The grand kids were out for a visit today and I seen these adorable shoes Lili was wearing. Right away I had this vision in my head for this adorable picture. I absolutely love it. This one might have… Read more »