February Giving Back Winner / Lonsdale Family Photographer

Congratulations to Shirley Gassman. You have been selected for a free session and a complimentary 8×10 portrait!
Email has been sent with information on how to redeem your free session.

We will now open up entries for March. If you have sent in your entry already I do keep bumping them to the next months contest so you still have a chance!
If you have not signed up yet please check out the guidelines on my blog or website.  One lucky winner will be drawn each month!

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Christmas Card / Grandkids / Lonsdale Family Photographer

I never shared my card I sent out this year with my grand-babies.  Every time I look at it on my fridge it just makes me smile.  I love these guys so much!

It is always so fun trying to think of something new to do with them every year.  Hmmmm…I wonder what I can come up with next year.

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January Giving Back Winner / Webster Family Photographer

I had so many entries for my Giving Back contest.  The Jorgenson family were the lucky winners for January.  I have a special place in my heart for this family.  I have been photographing Sam and Jesse for years and I was overjoyed to see them again.  Life brings so many challenges and struggles for families.  As much as someone may wish they had the money to spend on professional photography, sometimes there comes a time in peoples lives where that is just not possible at the moment.  This is what Giving Back is all about.  It is my way to reach out and give these families a little hug through my photography.  I hope you enjoy your little sneak peek!



Here is Sam and Jesse when I first started taking pictures of them.  Still one of my favorite images.

Click on the images below to view them larger.

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New Look!

Welcome to the new blog!

This has been a lot of work but I am so excited to show off my new websites and blogs.  (Yes that is plural for a reason)

As a part of my re-branding I have decided to give my senior market a new name.  So why the change you ask?  Well for many years I wished I would have named my business something else.  I have always felt that the name just didn’t fit with my senior business but after being in business for so long and having such name recognition I didn’t want to get rid of it completely.  So I decided to re-brand my senior market with a new name, website and blog!  I hope you check it out and spread the word to anyone looking for a senior photographer.  www.studiocbydeb.com

Along with these changes I will now be encouraging in person sales appointments.  I am trying to move in a new & improved direction.  In person ordering sessions will eliminate confusion and help ease the feeling of being overwhelmed.  I often hear parents tell me “How will I ever choose, there are so many good ones!”   I promise, it will be so much easier narrowing it down while viewing it on our large viewing screen.  We will be able to instantly see what different crops look like and I will be there to help you every step of the way.


Check out the new website!  www.cherishedmomentsbydeb.com

Ready to schedule a session?  Send email to dvosejpka@lonstel.com

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Preston-Northfeild MN-Newborn photographer

This little guy was the perfect newborn model.  He slept through the entire session.  Of course it may have been because he was doped up on baby Tylenol from having his circumcision right before his sessions.

When his mommy told be that, I thought oh no, I’m not sure that was a good idea.  Well apparently it was.


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  1. Debbie

    What a beautiful baby!

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Giving Back Winner for January

…and we have a winner for this months Giving Back Contest.
Congratulations Nikki Jorgenson!  I am looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful boys again.

February’s contest is now open.  Check out the full contest details on my previous post.

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Re-branding.  Yikes!  This has been something I have wanted to do for a long long time.  This is the year it is going to happen.  I have decided to give my senior division a new look and a new name.  I have a long way to go but for starters I have created a new blog just for my seniors.  The new name is going to be Studio C.  Don’t worry, I will still be keeping Cherished Moments Photography for everything else (at least for now).   I’m sure I will be making lots of changes but for now you can see the “Studio C” blog at http://studiocbydeb.blogspot.com/.  There isn’t much there yet but as I get time I plan on adding lots of seniors.  A new website will follow but I’m sure that will take me a while to build.

This is just the start of the changes for Cherished Moments.  I have been making some changes to my price guide adding on digital file collections.  Yes, I am finally giving in after fighting this for years.  It’s not that I don’t want to give you your files, it’s just that I am so worried that either they will sit on your disc and never get printed or you will take them to a lab that prints them horrible and because you don’t know how amazing they should look, you will except this quality.  But all I can do is hope that my customers take my advise and order their prints either through my studio or one of the recommended labs.  I will still be offering all of the great product as before but just adding on several digital file collections. 

Another change I plan on adding this year is in person sales appointments.
In the past, I have had my clients order online using my website…while I will still offer this for clients who live very far away, and for past clients who have already ordered with me before….I am trying to move in a new & improved direction.  I feel that in person ordering sessions will eliminate confusion and help ease the feeling of being overwhelmed.  You will be able to view your images on my large screen tv as I assist you with choosing your favorites as well as showing you a variety of product samples.

Now since I haven’t posted any cute pictures lately I will leave you with this adorable newborn.

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Giving Back 2014

It’s New Years Eve and I am watching movies and drinking wine and thinking about 2014 and everything I want to accomplish.  I am so excited for the upcoming year and have many new and exciting things planned for my business.  I just finished up a new price guide which I will now be offering digital file collections.  I do not post my price guide online but I am happy to email it to anyone that requests it.

As I was sitting here drinking my second glass of wine I had a great idea for 2014.
I want to give back and offer a session to someone that can’t afford to have professional portraits. I have decided to give away one session every month along with a complimentary 8×10.  To sign up, please send me an email by the 10th of each month.  Email me at dvosejpka@lonstel.com.  Please put in the subject line “Giving Back 2014”.  Please list your name, address, phone number and email.  On the 12th of each month I will choose one winner to come in for a free portrait session.  All winners must redeem their session within 3 weeks of winning.

Have a blessed New Year!

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Website is down

I apologize but my website is down for the time being.  My website provider is having firewall issues and are working on it to get it restored.  In the meantime if you need to get orders placed before the website is up and running again you are welcome to set up an appointment at the studio. 
Hopefully this issues gets taken care of soon!  This is a terrible time for this to happen.


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Sales Tax Increase

Cherished Moments Customers
Sales Tax will be increasing on January 1st.
Get your orders in before the first of the year before the sales tax increase!  (This also pertains to orders placed but not paid in full before the first of the year)

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