Zac – New Prague class of 2014

My goal is to get one senior edited a day.  I am fighting a terrible cold but I am determined not to go to bed tonight until I have Zac’s pictures all edited.
I can do this…I can do this…I can do this.
I really love this first shot.  I tried a new technique I learned today from an online webinar training class.  I think I am really going to like some of the skills I learned.

I know these two are quite similar.  I just couldn’t decide which one I like better.
The top one is a more crisp edit but there is something about the last one.
I just love the warm hazy sun rays.

OK my break is over.  Time to get back to editing.  I hope SNL is good so it helps to keep me awake tonight!

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The Korba Family

Here is another of my favorite families that I have been photographing since their wedding.  I feel so blessed to have families that entrust me with their family portraits year after year.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

Oh my, how could you ever tell him no!  Those baby blue eyes would get me every time.

How fun is this series?


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The Hartwig Family

I have such a special place in my heart for this family.  My son was a ring bearer and Kari (the mom) was a flower girl in my best friends wedding when they were like 4.  Then I photographed Kari and Jeff’s wedding and have had the pleasure of photographing both of there daughters first year portraits.
So I feel so blessed that they continue to come to me for their family portraits.

Part of the reason I love these guys so much is the fact that they have such a great sense of humor.
I asked Jeff if he would pick up his little girl and throw her in the air.  So what does he do, grabs Kari instead.  I love the way the girls are watching Mom and Dad.  He is such a nut! lol

This is more what I was thinking. ha ha
I love how Karlee is getting ready to jump too.

Ha ha, they both got some height here.  Love this one!!!

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Emily – Nfld Sr.

I am working on Emily’s senior session right now.  What a natural beauty.  Here is a quick sneak peek.  I can’t wait to share more.

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Ashley – TCU Sr.

I wasn’t sure about the outdoor portion of Ashley’s session today.  There was a slight drizzle in the air and a foggy haze enveloped the sky.  I warned Ashley that we may not be able to get much for outdoor portraits, thinking the entire time that she will probably want to reschedule the outdoor portion.  Well I was beyond excited when I seen how her senior pictures turned out.  There is something quite magical about them.  I had to put up a quick sneak peek to share how beautiful they turned out.

Love, love, love these two!

I also had to share a few of her pointe photos using a new backdrop
I just got in.  I am in love with it! 
I have always been a little envious of the photographers
that have the beautiful old buildings with exposed brick. 
Well even though this is just a backdrop I think it looks very realistic.

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Alyx – Rosemount HS senior

I just finished editing Alyx’s session.  We did some family photos first before her senior session.
What a fun family!


Oh how I love warm yummy light!

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Allie TCU 2014 Senior

It is taking me so long to edit Miss Allie’s pictures and I know she is so excited to see them so I thought I would post a few of my favorites so far.  They will be so worth the wait, hopefully you can hang in there just a couple more days.

We did get lots of smiles too, but I am always a sucker for the serious look and Allie rocked the serious expressions!

I am so in love with these two pictures!  If I had to pick a favorite from her session these two would have to be at the top of my list!


Just a few favorites.  Ha ha…now you know why it is taking me so long.  I haven’t even got to the indoor ones yet.  If you weren’t so darn cute I wouldn’t have taken so many pictures!
Oh what the heck…here is one more.
So in love with this one.
and this one…

and this one…

and…oh heck, I am in love with her entire session! lol

Yep, she doesn’t take a bad picture.

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Cleo – TCU 2014 Sr

I have been on such an editing fest lately.  I have completely ignored my house for the last couple months.  Thank goodness my sweet hubby has been trying to keep the kitchen cleaned and laundry washed.  I feel so bad I haven’t been able to help out around here, but it feels so good to get so much editing done lately.

I just finished up a couple amazing sessions.  The first one I want to share is this gorgeous senior.

Can you get any more beautiful?

* * *

Well only if your are Cleo’s baby boy.

Wow, talk about good lookin parents.
I sure can tell they will make great parents.

Look at those chubby cheeks!

He was such a good baby.  He was so sound to sleep that I could do anything to him and he would not wake up.  I have had really good luck with newborns sleeping lately.
(knock on wood)  I have two more coming in this next week.  Sure hope my luck doesn’t run out!

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This is one tuff girl

I took beautiful Makenzie’s senior photos a few days ago and couldn’t wait to share a quick little sneak peek from her session.  For October we had a pretty nice day but getting into the water at sunset still had to be incredibly cold.  This girl was a rockstar.  She doesn’t even look cold!

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Halloween Mini Sessions

I am bringing back my Halloween mini sessions by popular demand.
I will have a couple different set designs to choose from.  Limited number of sessions available.
Schedule your session today.  Sessions must be prepaid at time of booking.

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