What to wear

I often have clients asking for suggestions on what to wear to their family portrait session.  My answer is try to coordinate the colors without being too matchy matchy.  I will be adding “what to wear” posts to help you with planning your outfit selections.

There are a couple things that I personally like or dis-like when it comes to outfit choices.  I love layers and lots of texture.  I feel it gives the portrait more interest.  Years ago photographers would discourage patterns and bold colors but personally I love that look.  Gone are the days of all white tops and khaki pants!  For large family groupings I tend to like darker colors.  Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.  In fact I put together a “What to Wear” board on my pinterest site along with lots of posing inspiration boards.  Check it out.  If you see something you are drawn to, ask yourself what it is that draws you in?  Is it the clothing choices, the pose, the lighting, the location, the tone?  All of this plays into creating the perfect portrait.  After I understand what your style is, I will work with you to create a portrait best uk essay writing service experience that captures breathtaking images of your loved ones.  Images that you will want to display proudly in your home and not just have tucked away in a drawer on a disc.

For more “What to wear guides” visit my pinterest board.